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Human Design Party

Energizing | Uplifting | Validation | Connection

This is a perfect option for anyone new to Human Design, wanting to introduce it to their friends, or explore their chart with people close to them. Learn how each energy type works & how you can utilize it as friends, colleagues, or teammates! This is a fun & relaxed way of learning more about each other. We'll talk about navigating relationships, how to make more aligned decisions for yourself, & better ways to communicate with each other. Contact me below to book your party.

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1:1 Chart Reading

Build Confidence | Positive Thinking | High Performance

You're already a successful professional, but there's still something that's making you second guess your path. Through self-exploration, Human Design, and guided questions you will build awareness around your own journey toward happiness. Let me help you step into your highest potential & live life with more ease.

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Energy Chart Blueprint 

Bodygraph Chart Analysis | 1:1 Sessions | Family Awareness Sessions

Learn more about yourself, and your family members to enhance communication, empathy, and energetic awareness. Your Human Design Chart will showcase your superpowers & help you get "unstuck." This 40-page report will give you an explanation of the most important things to get you started on your journey to better energetic health.

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Human Design for Teachers

Workshops | Mindset Development | Classroom Strategies

As a teacher of 22 years I understand the complexities of the classroom and navigating difficult situations. Bringing the Science of Differentiation to teachers is one of my favorite things to do. These workshops help educators connect with their own energy alignment so they can help their students thrive. These can be booked as 1:1, small group, or large teams.

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Superpowers Session

Children Ages 8-17 | 1:1 Sessions | Navigating School & Friends

Book a 1:1 Superpowers Session for your child and we'll talk about how they can use their energetic strengths to help them with all things related to school and friends. An initial chart reading is recommended before booking this session. We'll address specific concerns your child has first & then go over some basic strategies they can implement on their own.

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Hi, I'm Laura 

I remind people how amazing they are, and help them develop a blueprint for sustaining confidence & grace. As a life coach specializing in Human Design I will help you unlock the secrets of your unique gifts to help you build a more powerful mindset and start moving forward with your purpose.

Get unstuck!

Tap into your natural creative flow.

Live life with more ease.

You are worth it! Book a 1:1 Awareness Session today.

Self-Discovery Coach & Human Design Specialist

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