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Get to Know Yourself Better each week!

Join me as I explore the elements of Human Design and help us all navigate everyday life with more ease, satisfaction, success, surprise & peace.

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Why You Should Listen To This Podcast

Human Design is an amazing system that allows you to learn more about yourself and others to make life easier for all of us!

Reason #1

Learn strategies that fit with your unique blueprint so that you can live more in alignment with your true, authentic self.

Reason #2

Understand ways to honor others’ energetic alignment so that life becomes easier for both of you.

Reason #3

So we can be friends and experiment through this journey together, of course!

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Episode 10

3 Things to Experiment with Human Design

Human Design is a big experiment. It's time to begin your journey and here are the three things you should look at first.

Episode 9

Human Design and our DNA

Learn the similarities between Human Design and our DNA. it won't be surprising since they are both what differentiate us from every other person in the world and make us our unique selves.

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Episode 8

Human Design Authority (overview)

Here's a quick overview of the Authorities in Human Design. Grab your chart and listen along as I touch on a few things for each so you can start experimenting today!

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Episode 7

Human Design & Siblings

Listen in as I talk about how I use Human Design to communicate with & honor my siblings' energy. You're sure to find some good techniques for dealing with your own family & loved ones as well!

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Episode 6

Finding Humor in Human Design

April is National Humor Month! I did a little experiment and this episode is my attempt at finding humor in Human Design. Let me know if any of it resonates with you!

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Episode 5

Human Design Isn't Always a Walk in the Park

March 30th is National Take a Walk in the Park Day! Well, I love national days of celebration, parks & human design so I thought we could explore how these are all connected. If you like metaphors, you'll love this episode where we compare how parks & human design are related.

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Episode 4

Finding Human Design - MY Story

Listen as I explain how I found Human Design, the impact it's made in my life, and how I hope to help you find the same.

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Episode 3

Human Design Energy Types (overview)

Learn more about your energy type and how to walk through life a little easier. Understand your friends and family members better too! Enjoy this compact episode as you continue learning more about yourself.

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Episode 2

How do I understand this Bodygraph thing?

Check out this very short description about the bodygraph, or Human Design Chart.  Do you have more questions? Email me to let me know so I can do a special episode about it. 

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Episode 1

What is Human Design?

Discover the ways that allow you to walk through life a little easier. Join me as we talk through examples of how to interpret your Human Design Bodygraph including aligned ways to make decisions, get organized, and communicate with others.

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About Me

My mission is to introduce people to Human Design and help them find easy ways to live authentically. I love celebrating each person's special strengths and energetic superpowers. Let me be your coach to guide & motivate you along your journey of self-discovery. 

~ Laura

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Self-Discovery Coach & Human Design Specialist

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